1881 Xugezhuang Machinery Works founded and manufactured first steam locomotive in China named "Rocket of China"
1952 Establishment of Rolling Stock Manufacture Bureau and Rolling Stock Repair Bureau of MOR, Managing 20 Factories.
1956 Manufactured Model “Qianjin” (Model “Heping”) steam locomotive.
1958 Establishment of Locomotive & Rolling Stock Factory Bureau of MOR , Managing 20 Factories, then was renamed to Industry Bureau of MOR in following year.
1967 Manufactured metro car.
1969 Manufactured Model Dongfeng 4 diesel locomotives.
1985 Manufactured Model Shaoshan 4 electric locomotives.
1986 Reorganized to China National Railway Locomotive & Rolling Stock Industry Corporation, Managing 35 Works and 4 Research Institutes.
1990 Manufactured Model 25A passenger coach.
2000 Split into two companies, CNR and CSR.
2005 Manufactured wagons with 70-ton and 80-ton loading capacity.
2006 Manufactured 200 km/h high-speed train.
2007 Manufactured 9,600kW electric locomotive.
2008 Manufactured 4,460kW diesel locomotive and 350 km/h high-speed train. CSR listed.
2009 CNR listed.
2010 Manufactured 380 km/h high-speed train.
2015 CNR and CSR merged into CRRC Corporation Limited and listed in the Shanghai and HongKong Stock Exchange.