Electric Locomotives
CRRC produces a family of AC propulsion electric locomotives with high tractive power capable of drawing more than 5,000 tons with a single locomotive. CRRC manufactures 10,000 kW electric locomotives, the most powerful ones in the world.
The HX series is a new AC drive electric locomotive for freight traffic, which including HXD1 family, HXD2 family and HXD3 family. The 7,200 KW and 10,000 kW locomotives feature high tractive power capability for drawing over 5,000 tons with a single locomotive. The HXD2 electric locomotives with 10,000 kW featured good performance in hauling 20,000 tons coal train on Datong-Qinhuangdao line on 16 January 2008. The modified 9,600 kW locomotive БКГ-1 AC are made for Belarus.
The SS range of electric locomotives features microprocessor control and anti-slip braking. The SS4G and SS3B eight-axle double units are suitable for heavy haul freight service; The SS7, SS8 and SS9 series is used for high-speed passenger service.