CRRC starts financial leasing business for overseas expansion
CRRC has recently unveiled its financial leasing subsidiary, CRRC Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (CRRCFL), in order to expand its overseas business.
Back in November 2017, CRRC has been awarded a contract of 24 double-decker passenger coaches from EXO, a public transit authority in Montreal, Canada. Based on the good implementation of the contract, EXO recently exercised its right to purchase 20 additional double-decker passenger coaches from CRRC.
Recently, CRRC has signed a contract with Aurizon, an Australian railway logistics giant, to supply 264 narrow gauge coal hopper wagons.
On March 18, a Moscow-Berlin international passenger train departed from Minsk Railway Station, Belarus, powered by the China-Weight Freight No 2 electric locomotive, which was independently developed by CRRC.
Recently, CRRC has secured a wagon deal from Switzerland. CRRC Shandong will manufacture 50 container flat wagons for HUPAC, a well-known international logistics company in Swiss, which ranked the top three European logistics companies.
Recently, CRRC has received a second order from Sydney for its double-decker trains.The order includes a total of 17 double-decker trains and post-delivery maintenance in Sydney.
In recent days, a variable configuration electric multiple unit (EMU) developed by CRRC, has passed all 60 routine tests and is ready for delivery.
CRRC's strategy provides a snapshot of continued Chinese investment in the United Kingdom, driven by companies' desire to seek technological know-how, brands and new markets.
Last week, CRRC tested a new generation of maglev train with a designed speed of 160 km per hour, about 60 percent faster than the current model.